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Are you?


  • Looking to reduce your mobile phone bills?
  • Looking for a more personal service from your dealer / network partner?
  • Need advice on bringing your mobile phone solutions into the 21st Century?

Contact Telecoms are here to help.


Contact Telecoms are driven by their customers. We like to see you succeed and watch your business grow because we know that at the heart of your business is communication. Without communication orders do not come in. So to keep your business communicating and growing we ensure we offer the best advice and the best package for your company. And when things go wrong, our customer service team is there to get things back up and running by the close of play.


Contact Telecoms are here to support YOU. Here to guide you through the complex world of mobile communication. We analyse your bills, we make cost saving recommendations to your existing tariff (even if you’re not due for upgrade), and we demonstrate and help you set up your new handset. But most of all we’re here through-out the contractual period and beyond.


With over 20 years’ experience in Mobile Communication there isn’t much that we don’t know. Because of this, on year our customers return safe in the knowledge that we are up-to-date on technology advances and know our tariff’s inside out and back to front.


Whatever kind of business user you are, give Contact Telecoms a call or drop the team a quick email via our enquiry form. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Mobile Communication Business Model